What is a Tree Surgeon?  

Trees are living organisms and an essential part of the environment. Sometimes, their natural growth can result in clashes between the tree and people. Other times, adverse weather conditions such as storms and high winds can create more problems and damages. Other factors like, human activities and progress, which can also cause these conflicts. This is where the tree surgeon comes in. In simple terms, a surgeon is someone that rectifies these conflicts. A tree surgeon is a person that amends these natural differences that exist between people and trees. Regardless of the cause, it is the work of the tree surgeon to resolve the unwanted growth of trees, so that people, as well as properties and land owners, can remain safe.


A tree surgeon is also a person that is involved in the care and maintenance of trees. However, there are numerous tasks that a tree surgeon carries out. That is why our tree surgeons are highly skilled and trained to enable them to handle any tree issues. Our tree surgeons are responsible for planting, pruning, and felling your trees. They are typically responsible for caring for the general health of your trees. They also have the expertise to handle a variety of tree problems.
For instance, our tree surgeons can check whether your tree has a disease. They can also confirm if the tree is dying, and they will give you advice on any of your tree concerns. Our team of surgeons can also remove trees, remove stumps, split logs, gut and trim hedges, do any crown work, and pollard.


Some risks are involved with becoming a tree surgeon. A tree surgeon is prone to work at significant heights that can pose great danger. Also, the equipment that tree surgeons use is heavy-duty and another source of possible risk. 
For instance, chain saws are used to fell trees. That is why all our tree surgeons have the correct safety and health precautions training. They are also thoroughly trained to work with such equipment and knowledgeable of the protective clothing they should wear when at work. Our tree surgeons also have expertise in gardening. They will advise you on the right type of tree to plant, the best location for the tree and the best soil to nurture its growth. Hence, they will not just make your garden aesthetically pleasing; they will ensure that the plants harmonise healthily.

To become a tree surgeon, you need to have experience in handling a range of machinery and power tools proficiently. Besides, you will need to be physically fit so that you can adventurously climb trees without much strain. If you require any further information please contact us at: info@yourlondontreesurgeon.com