Seasoned Firewood

What is seasoned firewood?


When trees have been felled, the wood still contains a large amount of water through the sap that circulates through a living tree. This wood is described as 'fresh felled' or 'green.' Seasoning wood means using a natural drying process to reduce that water content from around 50% to between 20 to 30%. The exact process and duration needed to season wood depends on different factors including the type of wood. You will know when you are burning seasoned wood as it will be easier to light, cleaner burning and will produce more heat. Seasoned wood is also more economical to buy as you are not paying for water.

Storing your firewood at home?


To ensure your seasoned wood retains its properties and doesn't rot, it needs to be kept in suitable conditions. This means it should be stored off the ground (e.g. on palettes) and left open to the air. At the same time, it should be covered to protect it from the rain. An open-sided lean-to or a specialised wood or log store is ideal. 

Your Fire or Wood Burner 


Whether you have an open fire or a wood burner, our quality seasoned firewood is ideal to keep the flame burning through those cold nights. We have a number of options available:

Stove Mix Logs:


Stove mix is a new product aimed at cost conscious customers with log burning stoves. You get two bulk bags of firewood, one of each of our mixed softwood and hardwood species. The two combined burns well in stoves and many of our customers light the fire with softwood and then add hardwood to sustain it. Variations of with oak, ash and cherry are available on request.


Mixed Softwood Logs:


Mixed softwood comes from a variety of species mainly Larch and Scots pine. Softwood is suitable for closed stoves. A lot of people swear by a mixture of hardwood and softwood for optimal burning. We do not recommend softwood for open fires because of its tendency to spit.

Mixed Hardwood Logs:


Mixed Hardwood comes from a variety of hardwood species including, beech, oak and ash.


Premium Ash Logs:


Premium Ash reflects top quality firewood from exceptional timber.

To order your premium quality firewood, please email us at:

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